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Supporting the NHS with our Tropic Shop

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In order to say thank you to all our heroes on the front line, we're proud to be marketing our Tropic store that we launched back in July last year.
Tropic products are incredibly high quality, fully endorsed by us here at the NHC, and offers huge benefits to your health and wellbeing.

Coronavirus: This is what you can and can't do on lockdown

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So, the UK is on lockdown as this is seen as the best way to stop, or certainly slow down the spread of the Coronavirus - A.K.A COVID-19. When Prime Minister Boris Johnson made the announcement he said there were just four reasons why people should be leaving their homes, however, for many people, this has raised more questions than it answers, so here is a little more detail on what that means in the form of some FAQs.

How the NHC Can Make Your Health, Well-being and Life better in 2020

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Bioresonance is a wonderful way to improve your health, life and well-being. We know it, our existing customers and clients know it, and pretty soon you’ll know it too. So let’s take a look at some of the different procedures that we’ve done for people in the past, and some of the areas we’ve helped people with.

Health & Wellbeing - Help Us Help Your Employees

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If you are a company director looking to give your employees a new health benefit for their care package, then you’re about to learn exactly how bioresonance and our health & wellness plan can help you.

Nervous Diseases - How We Help

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Nervous diseases can be quite a challenge to try and overcome in everyday life. A lot of people find that their lives are changed as a result of developing a condition like this.

Hair Loss in Women - Pregnancy Aftershocks?

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At this point, it is safe to say that we all understand how challenging pregnancy can be for the female body. What you have to consider is that a woman will still have an incredibly taxing time, despite the fact that she is biologically engineered to carry a child to term.

How Bioresonance at The NHC Can Help With Grief

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Grief can be a very powerful force and one which can be incredibly damaging to people. When a disaster strikes, it can often be a challenge to try and recover from it. It’s important to make sure that when it comes you have a way of dealing with it and moving forward.

Remote Treatment: An Incredible Health Solution For Busy Lives

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Let’s be honest here. Not everyone has the time required for lengthy treatment. Busy lives are commonplace. A lot of people just do not have the time required to go through an extensive series of therapy or treatment to make sure that they are in the best possible condition, and living the best life possible.

Meet our groundbreaking, proven technology which allows your body to heal & improve while you carry on with your daily life.